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  1. A brother stoned the big jamaarat only yesterday on 10 dhul hijjah. Today 11 dhul hijjah, they intended to stone the three jamaraat between zohar and maghrib but because of practical difficulties they were only able to stone the three after maghrib. Is th

    The time for stoning jamarat is from Zuhur time to Fajr time of the next day, so there is no problem if the brother stoned after maghrib of 11 dhulhijja as he still within the permisible time. [Shaykh Ahmad an-Nashash]

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Ramadaan, Fasting, Taraweeh

  1. If a person does not have memorisation of enough surahs are they allowed to pray 20 rakat in order to prolong the time of salah?

    Regarding praying 20 Raka'a in Taraweeh, most of the scholars saying that praying 11 is the authentic Sunnah. If you like to read more Qura'an during the Salah, then you can repeat the surahs in the salah as it narrated that the prophet repeated Surat Al-Zalzalah in salat alfajr and also the prophet SAAW approved that companion who used to recite Surat Al-Ikhlas in every raka'a in addition to the other Surahs. [Shaykh Ahmad an-Nashash]

  2. After ramadan month fasting for women, is it fard to complete the missed make up fastings first before starting on the extra 6 fasting of shawwal?

    Regarding making up the missed days of Ramadan, most of the scholars saying that you have to fast what you missed first then you fast the six days of Shawwal because making up the missed days is obligatory and fasting the six days of Shawwal is Sunnah. [Shaykh Ahmad an-Nashash]

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